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Care for the health of the middle aged and the elderly

With the growth of age, the organ function of the elderly is gradually sluggish, and the immunity is reduced. The health problems of the elderly are more worrying about their families. The incidence rate of incidence rate of oral diseases in the elderly is higher than that in young people. What is the reason for the high incidence of oral diseases in the elderly? How to maintain oral health for the elderly?

Oral cavity is a direct reflection of health. Because of the atrophy of oral mucosa, the decrease of saliva secretion and the decrease of self-cleaning function in the oral cavity of the elderly, it is easy to breed a large number of bacteria, resulting in swelling and pain of gums, ulcers, halitosis and other oral problems, affecting the quality of life of the elderly. Therefore, taking care of the health of the elderly can start from the prevention of oral diseases.

So what to do?

1. Oral care

Oral care includes brushing teeth and mucosal care. If the old man's gums are fragile and often inflamed and painful, it is obviously not enough to brush your teeth twice a day. According to the elderly's own situation, the daily use of Zhitian toothpaste, sooner or later brush teeth, with the use of Zhitian mouthwash.

2. Cleaning denture

The old people who are used to wearing dentures should also pay attention to careful cleaning. After brushing each denture with toothpaste, soak the denture in water to maintain the good condition of the denture.

3. Timely inspection

Regularly take the elderly to the hospital to check the oral health status, to achieve early prevention and treatment, to prevent more serious complications.

   Friends who have entered the old age should pay attention to the careful use of their own teeth, pay attention to balanced nutrition, eat less hard and tough food, prevent excessive use of teeth loose and fall off, can do "kowtow" health care. When doing, it can take the end sitting position, thinking smoothly, the upper and lower lips are slightly closed, and the upper and lower teeth are repeatedly separated and closed, knocking each other out. Every morning, in the middle and in the evening, knock the teeth 100 times each time. The percussion force should not cause pain and discomfort. Note that if you have periodontal disease, some teeth or whole teeth have begun to loose, do not do this kind of health exercise. Pay more attention to oral health in daily life.

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