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Welcome to Sichuan huazi oral care products Co., Ltd!
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China dental Valley

In August 2016, Sichuan provincial Party committee and government decided to lay out the oral equipment and material industry of the whole industrial chain in Ziyang, as a provincial demonstration project to promote the supply side structural reform, and strive to create "China dental Valley" which is "China's first-class and world-famous". For more than two years, "China dental Valley" started from scratch, refreshing people's understanding of the dental equipment material industry chain with "unrepeatable" and "irreplaceable". At present, 54 well-known oral enterprises at home and abroad, such as kava of Germany and IBS of South Korea, have been introduced, of which 4 are the top 20 enterprises in the global oral industry. 15 enterprises have completed the quality system assessment, and obtained 15 medical device production license (filing) certificates, 32 medical device product registration (filing) certificates, and 12 medical device business license (filing) certificates. 13 enterprises have put the "Ziyang" dental comprehensive treatment chair, oral scanner, digital denture, root canal therapy device, biological mouthwash and other "Ziyang" products to the market Products.








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